No Set Steps, No Set Music


The session starts slowly to awaken the body, much like a warm up of any physical activity. This may be lying down then moving slowly to the feet or from a standing position. Although,some participants may find comfort lying down for the whole session. Starting slowly also allows those that are new to the experience or feel slightly self conscious to start by simply tapping their feet, bobbing their head or swaying to the beat. This part enables participants to begin to connect to the music, how that feels and where that might feel in their body. As the dance progresses the music naturally increases in speed and beat to encourage the release of endorphins and dopamine, our feel good hormones. The intended result is to reach heights of happiness in a conscious hypnotic like state, which allows the body to just let go. Once the dance peaks the session gradually returns to a slower beat and speed. Eventually returning to a place of stillness. This enables us to process our movements and feelings and to allow the body to experience a more natural state of rest and digest. During the session the facilitator will hold space for the participants creating an ambiance that may include sound, smell, touch, guided verbal cues, energy and intuitive bodywork. This ambience is created with the intention to soothe and encourage the transformations and healing in participants.