"The session with Sam was truly amazing. The approach of intuitive assessment followed by treatment helped me feel like what was being carried out was being done with true intention because she had taken time to explore my weaknesses. I felt the most incredible releases of blockages and pains that I had been carrying for a long while. Highly recommend."

"Oh wow. Don’t have enough words to say how much Sam has helped me with so many things this last 2 appointments. From pain to posture, bowels to boobs! I just love her aspect on life."

"Not sure where to start, I've visited Sam at Balanced Serenity several times and recommend her business to anyone. Her knowledge of the treatments and how our mind and bodies work, is amazing. I've suffered all my life with various issues and feel so much better, physically and mentally. She has the perfect balance of professionalism and compassion. A very special person. This is not a treat, it's a necessity and I truly value my time spent there. Thank you for your understanding, compassion and sincerity."

"This treatment was like nothing I had ever had before. As my profession has meant my back has suffered over the years I tried this treatment through recommendations and I'm so glad I did. I had recently had to take time off work due to my shoulder causing pain, this wasn't the information I had shared as sciatica was my main issue. She asked me about my shoulder within 5 minutes of walking in the room. Being put at complete ease and given more information than I have ever been given I booked my next session as soon as I left my first. Magic is the best word I can use for this amazingly clever and extremely knowledgeable lovely lady."

"I went to see Sam feeling stressed and anxious, within an hour I walked out felling a lot more relaxed. 24 hours later the pain in my shoulder has gone and I feel much less stressed and anxious. Thank you Sam for putting me back together."