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Body Realignment at Balanced Serenity aims to instigate the body's natural response to healing and recovery, to find and work on the root cause of the problem, and not just the symptoms. Using the unique and detailed muscle testing used in KORE Therapy to discover and confirm where the problem areas and weaknesses in the body are located, an immune system response is triggered to alert the brain that it's energies need to be focused on those areas of weakness in order for the healing process to begin. 


Drawing from various techniques such as energetic releases, cupping, acupuncture, Tui Na massage, cranial balancing, Qi Gong and mobilisation, we encourage and coax the body to realign and rebalance. Because the body can finally take a nice deep breathe, significant changes can and are often seen after just one treatment. Treatment plans are tailored to each individual person but in order to allow the body to process the changes with lasting results, initially, 3 weekly treatments are recommended.


Body Realignment can - and has - helped people with migraines, back pain, arthritis, candida, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, joint pain, insomnia, infertility, stroke recovery, IBS, Crohns Disease, ME, diverticulitis, impotence, stress and anxiety and so much more.