• Samantha Resina

The body's neglected ally!

In these fast moving times where we live in a world full of toxins there's one system that really does keep going in the face of adversity. Standing up to the challenges that our bodies face day after day. Our amazing Lymphatic System!

So what is the lymphatic system and what does it do? Made up of a network of nodes, tissues and organs, its job is to clear the body of toxins and wastes, filtering and disposing. The spleen, tonsils and thymus glands drive the lymph, a substance that contains infection fighting white blood cells to help us fight off illness. Any toxins and waste is then sent to the kidneys and liver in the final cleansing process.

There is however, one slight issue, the lymphatic system doesn't have it's own pumping system to keep it going around the body which, as you've probably guessed makes it prone to becoming clogged, resulting in headaches, excess weight, colds or more chronic illness. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to boost the lymph systems flow.

* Exercise - muscles movement helps push toxins along

* Water - drinking water helps keep the lymph flowing

* Body work - Gentle treatment encourages the movement of lymph

* And breathe - deep breathing helps to act as the pump that the lymph so badly needs

* Dry body brushing - helps stimulate the lymph

* Tight fitting clothing - this can impede the flow and drainage of lymph especially in women as a large portion of the nodes are found in the armpit and upper chest

*Avoid chemicals - more complicated than we think! Try and avoid processed foods as much as you can. Limit alcohol, caffeine and sugar. When it comes to beauty, try and keep things as natural as you can

So when it comes to treatment, ironing out any kinks in the musculoskeletal system is highly beneficial to the lymphatic system as it allows the whole system to take a long, deep breathe

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