• Samantha Resina

"A healer does not heal you"

The concept of a healer to most is someone possessing the ability to "heal you." However, for me it was never about my ability to heal anyone but my ability to allow that body space to recognise it's own healing abilities. My clients often hear me say "well done, thank you" at the end of a session and their response is often one of confusion, replying, "I haven't done anything" or "well done you, as you've put in all the hard work." But I gently remind them, that within the session I am a facilitator, here to help reawaken the body's own innate capability to heal through the various techniques I've learnt.

By exploring the many holistic, alternative therapies that are out there, often complementary to treatment offered by doctors, you are giving your body an amazing opportunity to start helping you listen to how and what it needs to heal.

So high five to everyone trying their best! 😍🙏🙌

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