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"When we move the Sole, we move the Soul"


Movement medicine - Using movement and music to escape with your Soul to that unique place of connection. To understand and articulate the deep feelings that begin to emerge as the dance progresses. A subtle guiding force within, allowing feelings to surface, to be heard and be healed. Restoring balance, allowing you to transcend your limitations and help shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own. The Art of Soul MVMNT takes you on a physical, emotional and spiritual journey intended to facilitate the movement and rebalancing of energy, restoring us to a healed state. Recalibrating our energy to encourage and strengthen our inner connection. Helping you to find your way back to the true you - the creative, passionate, joyous, unique you. Standing , sitting or lying down, with practice we learn to let go of judgment, of limitations and dance like no one is watching. We find our innate power by releasing, surrendering and finally trusting.

Breathe Sam x

Samantha Resina is a bodywork therapist and movement medicine facilitator based on the Fylde Coast, UK

 After training as a dancer in her younger years Samantha was forced to give it all up when she developed a lasting physical issue.  Understanding the exhilarating and liberating feeling that dance can provide she was fuelled with the desire to provide a happy, loving and safe space for people to experience the power of dance. Conscious dancing, can provide the perfect environment to allow us to start to listen to our bodies and begin to establish a deeper connection with ourselves

 Her own unique approach and guidance offers you an opportunity to see the benefit that changes in your life can make and the positive outcomes when you finally take control of your own healing.

Her passion for learning and understanding body and soul is what drives her path as a facilitator of healing. Samantha invites you to experience an alternative approach to health and movement. To rebalance your body and rediscover your inner calm!